Automatic Nipple Drinker With Cup

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The water is delivered to nipple drinking pipes from a header tank on top of the chicken house. As the chickens need water they will peck at the nipple and a drop of water is released. It is a fantastic method of giving your chickens water. A well designed nipple system with a cup will not drip or give too much water – this prevents the shavings getting wet – which can cause problems with the health of your chickens.

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Nipple drinking is a modern way to serve water to chickens without having to carry water around in buckets. The nipple drinking system is fully automated and is probably the most widely used chicken drinking system used by modern poultry farmers.

Some advantages of the nipple drinking system or nipple drinkers are:

  • Easy to serve water to chickens
  • Helps in saving additional space and accommodate more chickens
  • Eases provision of oral medication and vaccination of birds
  • If well-handled, it  reduces the incidence of rapid wet litters
  • Makes watering operation faster
  • Can be used in both battery-cage and deep-litter production system
  • Durable as it is made with stainless steel

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