Real-time Sms updates:

The main purpose of Sms updates is to ensure peace of mind. Waking up at night thinking/worrying about the chicks will be something of the past. You can get updates on your phone at your convenience, anywhere and at any time. With affordable SMS bundles from network operators, it will virtually cost very little.

Real-time monitoring of temperature:


The main environmental determinant that affects young chicks is temperature. Did you know that day old chicks require temperatures of around 32-35oC? The smart brooder has a few temperature sensors to constantly monitor the temperature within the brooding space. This data is relayed to a “small on board computer” for processing in real time.

Real-time monitoring of humidity:

Humidity is the main cause of disease outbreaks in a brooder or chicken coop. It may be difficult for a person to tell the humidity in the brooder space, but with humidity sensors, the system analyses the humidity and will always alert the farmer in case the humidity goes beyond the recommended range.

Automatic temperature control based on the age of chicks:

This is achieved with the help of a very intelligent computer algorithm which makes sense of data received from the sensors. It is programmed to take action based on the parameters received and all this happens automatically.

Vaccination Reminder:

Poultry vaccines are widely applied to prevent and control contagious poultry diseases. Their use in poultry production is aimed at avoiding or minimizing the emergence of clinical disease at farm level, thus increasing production.