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Get Control of your Chicken Farming Business

Get more control over your chicken business and all farm activities involved in it with this management app.


Why Farmers Love and Use KUKU Smart?

Farm Management

Keep track of a single farm with multiple chicken houses depending on your actual farm setup

Record Keeping

Manage and track the growth of your chicken and all financial aspects of your chicken farming business, from the app


Get notified when to feed chicks, vaccine chicks, clean the coop among other reminders. Understand the areas that need improvement, to increase farm profitability

Worker Management

Track all workers on the farm and give them access to input farm data as well as control what data they can view in the app

Visually easy and intuitive app


Frequently asked questions.

The app is free to use, you can download, register, add farms and start benefiting from our platform.

You can click here to go to our shop and buy one.

As little as 1 and as many as you have, we do not discriminate.

Yes, you can add workers, make them supervisors and even move them from farm to farm.