Smart Brooder in Tala

William is a farmer from Tala, Machakos County. He wanted to enter the chicken rearing business but was afraid of the viability of the business. He had heard stories from numerous people who shared their frustration and stress from rearing chicken, especially the challenge that came with brooding and that chicks die so easily.

In the course of trying to seek advice on his business, he came across Mama Grace, a respected poultry farmer from Githurai who has been in the business for some time. She shared her experience with the Smart Brooder; she was one of the first people to have the device installed. She explained how since installing the device, she has received many benefits. Her chicks rarely die, and if they do, the numbers are negligible, in addition to the reduced stress of rearing them.

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On entering his chicken house, one can see a number of chicks huddled around a red Infrared bulb, there are a number of wires around the structure, some white and some black, all attached to a small black box. The small black box is the small computer that processes and sends the necessary information to the farmer. The black cables are temperature sensors which read the temperature and automatically control the bulbs keeping the temperature at the best levels. The white cable is a humidity sensor. High humidity causes illnesses such as coccidiosis in chicks which leads to death.

William installed the Smart Brooder in May 2017 with high hopes, and it did not disappoint. His chicks rarely die because the temperature conditions are kept at the best levels to ensure the survival of his chicks. All this is through the SMS update system, so he does not have to go through the tedious process of using charcoal jikos and waking up at night to ensure his chicks are safe and warm. He is also able to keep chicks in the cold months of June and July, which famers tend to avoid due to the cold that causes many chicks to die.

The mortality rate while using the Smart Brooder is a mere 1-3% during brooding. William has had batches where none of his chicks died, which is impressive in this business. From his first ever batch of chicks, which were 408, he only lost 8. Within the same month, he bought another 408 chicks and only lost 3. This is one of the main benefits of the Smart Brooder, because a farmer can lose up to 44% of their chicks while using traditional methods. In the first month, he made Sh. 100,000 from the two batches of chicken he sold at local restaurants where he was offered up to Sh. 350 for every broiler chicken; he had bought each chick at Sh. 78. This is a sure success story from a first time chicken farmer.

If the death rate is reduced by just 10 chicks, a profit of around 3,500 shillings can be gained for broilers and layers and 10,000 shillings for kienyeji chicken. If your incubator can hatch just 10 more chicks, that is a profit of 1,000 shillings. Our system allows the farmer to save on the amount of feed required, because low temperatures make the chicks eat more. You can save 1 sack of feed for every 500 chicks, which would roughly save you 3,000 shillings, the price of a sack of feed. Our product could be the cause of making your life easier and your profits higher.

Our product has won numerous awards and accolades across the world. The world is moving towards the technological space. The entrepreneurs who choose to invest in our business are aware of the fact that technology improves businesses. Technology is the future and we are dedicated to ensuring that every farmer who uses our products saves money and produces a greater output. Simply put, our product takes care of most of the stresses that arise from keeping chicken.

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The world is moving towards the technological space. Those who choose to invest in our business are aware of the fact that technology improves business. Don’t be left out. Click here to purchase the award winning, patented technology.


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