Smart Brooder at Homerange Poultry

The beauty with the world we live in is the possibility of using technology to simplify the difficult activities of everyday life. “I tried starting a chicken rearing business and it failed because too many chicks died and it cost too much money to use infrared bulbs”, is a statement all too common among chicken farmers. If you have ever or do keep chicks, then you very well understand the strain and hard work it takes to keep them alive and healthy and to make a profit on your investment. The poultry business is growing because the increase in our population ensures that investing in food sources remains a safe investment option.

Ian, from Homerange poultry in Muchatha, Ruaka is one of the farmers who has utilized our technology, the Smart Brooder, in his farm. He has been in the business for over 10 years and his main issue was the cost of electricity it took to rear his chicks using red infrared bulbs. When we first engaged with him, his previous months bills ran in excess of 200,000 shillings a month. It was also difficult to keep the temperature of different batches of chicks at the best levels. Chicks require different temperature, depending on how many weeks they are and this is difficult to achieve using the traditional farming methods. Having to constantly check whether the chicks are close together meaning they are cold or if they are far from the heater meaning it is too hot, is a thing of the past for Ian.

Ian installed our device and immediately began to see its advantages. The temperature was kept at the best levels with the help of the temperature sensors and infrared bulbs. The sensors are able to determine the temperature in the brooder and automatically turn the bulbs on and off as needed, without any human intervention.  The Smart Brooder has helped him reduce the electricity cost; he now saves up to 30,000 shillings a month.

Can you imagine getting all the updates on your chicks on temperature and humidity from whatever place in the world you choose, on your phone, from Smart Brooder? How about the reduction of the loss of chicks? We all know it is common to lose a number of chicks, but the number never has to be high with our device. How would you feel about reducing the cost of raising your chicks? You can do all these and more while using our system. Our device is environmentally sustainable and cuts on the overall cost of chicken farming. It reduces the electricity cost and the overall cost on feed. It moves away from using charcoal to keep the chicks warm, which is unreliable, and instead uses infrared bulbs which are controlled much easier. The stress of chicken rearing is also reduced, as Ian can confirm, because updates are sent through SMS.

This product is made with everybody in mind- both the seasoned poultry farmer and the beginner. The bottom line of the product is simple – to maximize profit! We know technology can be scary, we understand very well that buying from an online business doesn’t always lead to the best results but Ian’s story of success can be your story too.

The world is moving towards the technological space. Those who choose to invest in our business are aware of the fact that technology improves businesses. Don’t be left out. Click here to purchase the award winning, patented technology.


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