Smart Brooder at Chale Poultry Farm

In Budalangi, Busia County, the area known for floods, is the Chale Poultry Mother Unit. The farm broods chicks – they raise day old chicks to a maximum of 8 weeks before selling them off. This is because many poultry farmers are afraid of rearing chicks because they need very specific conditions. They handle every process involved in brooding, including giving vaccines.

For a long time, the farm used charcoal to manage the temperature of the chicks during their brooding process. They moved away from charcoal to gas heaters that we provided for them, together with the Smart Brooder device in 2019. Gas heaters are more reliable and easier to control. They also do not go out in the middle of the night. The Smart Brooder device is powered by both electricity and solar. The device has both temperature and humidity sensors and sends the information to Mr. John and his worker through SMS always keeping them updated. The temperature is automatically corrected while humidity levels can be corrected by adding more saw dust.

The farm can guarantee that the device allows for convenience and high efficiency. The SMS update system keeps them informed of the conditions in the brooder. Automatic features such as temperature control make it much easier to adjust the temperature. Another feature of the device is vaccination reminders which have helped the farm keep track of all vaccination needs.

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