Smart Brooder 500

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Smart Brooder uses temperature and humidity sensors to automatically turn infrared lamps on and off based on the room temperature in the brooder. It sends you messages so that you are always in the know and never have to worry about what is going on in your brooder from anywhere in the world. No more guesswork in your brooder so you have consistently good brooding no matter if it’s warm or cold outside. Even if you change workers, you don’t have to struggle as you wait for them to gain experience.

Don’t be left out. Join other smart farmers who are using the system to enjoy:

  • High survival rate with the average being 98%
  • Faster and more uniform growth rate of chicks with a smaller difference in size between the biggest and smallest chicks
  • Better control of heaters within your brooder
  • Sleep better without having to check on chicks while knowing that everything will be fine
  • Better control over your heating cost and not having to spend more than the chicks need therefore reducing your heating bill.
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It includes fewer sensors and can safely power electric heaters in your chicken brooder of up to 1000W. The purchase is inclusive of:

•    Temperature sensors

•    Humidity Sensor

•    Provides temperature control only



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