Chicken Gas Heater Manual

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Manual Chicken Gas Heaters Ignited using a matchstick or flame.. Works well in places without electricity.

Don’t be left out. Join the smart farming movement today to enjoy:

  • High survival rates mostly more than 98%
  • Reduced cost of heating from charcoal
  • Reduced work compared to lighting the jiko and having to add charcoal when heat dissipates even at night
  • Chicks grow faster and at an similar rate so that few are big while others are tiny
  • Reduced carbon emission compared to charcoal therefore reducing the chances of lung complications on your chicks


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Manual Chicken Gas Heaters Ignited using a matchstick or flame

1.Economical & Energy saving: heater saves ~20% cost of charcoal heater.
2. Very low carbon emissions: CO≤80ppm;NOx≤10ppm;CHx≤50ppm
3. Flameout protection device: when there is a flameout, the valve automatically closes the gas to prevent gas leakage.
4. Manual Ignition heater can use biogas but at high pressures.
5. Radiation area: suspended from the ground at 0.9 ~ 1.5m high radiation area of 10 ~ 20 square meters,heating 700 or 1500 chickens.


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700 Chicks, 1200 Netherlands Heater, 1500 European Heater