Arinifu Technologies Ltd

Simplified Working Principle

Smart Brooder is like a digital mother hen, equipped with 3-5 sensors placed inside the brooding space to monitor temperature and humidity levels for chicks. This data is sent to a small computer, programmed to adjust environmental conditions based on the chicks’ age and breed, ensuring optimal conditions for their growth and well-being, even amidst daily changing climate patterns in your farm. Currently, it can control infrared lamps and gas heaters for heating needs. The device communicates with the farmer via SMS or Kuku Smart app, providing updates and alerts when necessary.

We enhance the brooding structure to ensure there are no sharp corners where chicks may potentially huddle and easily suffocate each other. Insulation is also incorporated to reduce heat loss and thus save on energy.

Don’t be left out. Join other smart farmers who are using the system to enjoy:

  • Faster and more uniform growth rate of chicks with a smaller difference in size between the biggest and smallest chicks
  • Consistently high survival rate of chicks with the average being 98%
  • Better control of heat
  • Sleep better without having to check on chicks while knowing that everything will be fine
  • Better control over your heating cost and not having to spend more than the chicks need eliminating wastage


Automatic temperature control based on the age of chicks:

This is achieved with the help of a very intelligent computer software which makes use of the data received from the sensors. The device is programmed to turn heaters on or off based on the temperature conditions ensuring chicks receive the exact amount of heat required, not more and not less thus saving on your heating cost and reducing the death of your chicks. Farmers are able to gain more than 98% survival within the brooder and their chicks tend to grow at a more uniform rate so that not many are very big while the rest are small.

Real-time Sms updates:

The main purpose of Sms updates is to ensure you know what is going on within your brooder, thus providing you with peace of mind. Waking up at night thinking/worrying about the chicks will be something of the past. You can get updates on your phone at your convenience, anywhere and at any time. Thereore, you sleep better without having to check on chicks while knowing that everything will be fine

Real-time monitoring of temperature:

The main environmental condition that affects young chicks is temperature. Did you know that day old chicks require temperatures of around 31-35oC? The smart brooder has a few temperature sensors to constantly monitor the temperature within the brooding space. This removes the need for guesswork and constantly having to check if your chicks are crowded or well spaced out. Temperature is also directly related to the amount of feed your chicken consume. When its cold, they tend to eat more as they try to generate internal heat and feed is more costly compared to heat and saving just 25 kgs translates to Ksh 1500 per season saved.

Real-time monitoring of humidity:

Humidity is the main cause of disease outbreaks in a brooder or chicken coop. It may be difficult for a person to tell the humidity in the brooder space, but with humidity sensors, the system analyses the humidity and will always alert the farmer in case the humidity goes beyond the recommended range.

Vaccination Reminder:

Poultry vaccines are widely applied to prevent and control contagious poultry diseases. Their use in poultry production is aimed at avoiding or minimizing the emergence of clinical disease at farm level, thus increasing production.